Write an essay where you tell us about the moment you realized you wanted to become a teacher.

Growing up in Northeast Los Angeles and attending a public school, I experienced first-hand hegemonic teachers teaching a hegemonic curriculum in a very diverse and impoverished community. I seek to become an educator because I want to see my community thrive and to ensure that my community members will have an educational experience that is relatable to their lives.
Throughout my adolescence, many of my peers and I wanted to learn about the incredible works of our people who struggled to fight for our freedom. Most of my community consisted of Mexican and Filipino immigrants, and we did not once learn about the incredible alliance between Mexican and Filipino farmers who worked together to pushed for humane pay and respect. Although I am not upset towards my white teachers (knowing that they had good intentions), I am nonetheless pointing out the difficulty of having an instructor who does not represent the community and the history of the community. My high school was failing not only because of institutional racism (lack of funds) but also because the curriculum of the students does not accurately reflect the demographics of the community - students could not see themselves in the material they are learning.
As a result, I believe the problem to the United States educational crisis is school districts inability to diversifying their staff (teachers, principles etc) and curriculum to reflect the diverse communities they serve. Finding teachers who are rooted in the culture of their communities and who are familiar with the challenges and opportunities of their students is not only essential but also vital for the success of students throughout the United States. In short, I seek to teach because I understand the struggles of community and I want to present a historically relatable curriculum that does not push Western European history at the forefront of education.

Roberto from District of Columbia
College Junior
Georgetown University