Write an essay where you tell us about the moment you realized you wanted to become a teacher.

I have always had the mindset that I would never be goI have always had the mindset that I would never be good at math until I reached 6th grade. Going into 6th grade, I was expecting another year of only receiving a C, at highest, in my math class. In elementary school you usually get an assigned homeroom that you have to go to every morning. That year a new teacher named Mr.Ferguson became my homeroom teacher. He introduced himself to us at my elementary school, Hibbard, and expressed how excited he was to start his year with us. We all instantly took an interest in him because he came off as a very kind and naturally funny person. After homeroom, we all went along with our day until we returned back to our homeroom. However, this time we were in math class. I was nervous and a bit anxious to begin another school year of struggling to keep up, but I was positively surprised in the environment I was brought into. Mr.Ferguson made every lesson fun and every lesson was now much easier to understand. He never allowed us to give up, but rather enforced intellectual growth. He was not only a teacher, but a person we could trust and approach when we needed it. He soon became my favorite teacher. Mr. Ferguson quickly inspired me to be a teacher because of how he taught and interacted with all of us. He showed me that learning was worthwhile and that learning is never dull. Till this day, I still carry what he instilled in me - a passion to doing better in school and in math. My confidence rose and my previous perceptions of my abilities disappeared. Without that teacher student experience, I would've never considered becoming a teacher. Due to this experience, I became more insightful on how my other teachers taught. I observed each and every one of my teachers, ever since 6th grade, and gained a little more passion each year. This eventually led me to the decision of wanting to become an English teacher. Even if I wasn't confident in math, I always had a love for englis

Johanna from Illinois
College Freshman
North Park University