Write an essay where you tell us about the moment you realized you wanted to become a teacher.

I desire to get a teaching degree because i have been lucky enough to have had many wonderful and influential teachers or coaches throughout my schooling years. All of them being the type of people that once I walked into their classroom or on their practice field, I was forever going to be their student or athlete. A great example, is a coach and teacher that I had in middle school, that still encourage me and help and support me in school or athletic settings, mostly this year in my schools historic playoff run. During the run, my coach would stop in during High school practices and check on all of the guys from his middle school program, and would ask more important questions than "how is practice?", or " how do you think the game Friday is gonna go?", He asked questions about college, or our futures. He has become a sort of inspiration, as he is who I look up to on how to be a good and successful coach, and even better mentor. Also, the teacher that sticks with me through life and especially the final stretch of high school, she has kept up with me and fellow classmates, and always ensures to ask us questions involving our future. She mostly does this to reassure us that she will always be in our corner, which is something that I will always cherish and remember. That, is also something that I strive to be, I wish for myself that I can be as influential and memorable as they are.

Logan from Texas
High School Senior
Tascosa High School