Essay Excerpt Applicant School
I knew I wanted to become a teacher when I was growing up. I would spend h…
KathrynSierra Nevada College
I was not going to be a teacher. I taught swim lessons from the time I was 15 until…ElizabethCal State East Bay
I was volunteering in my child's school library during Reading Week. A teacher a…Brandy Sierra Nevada College
I am in my 3rd quarter of my first year as a licensed special education teacher…CandaceSierra Nevada College
The moment I realized I wanted to be a teacher was a moment I did not expect. I had …Ashley Sierra Nevada College
I am a recently divorced, 47 year old, and mother of three teenagers, who did not fi…MarcyCalifornia State University East Bay
Inspirational Educator
Before we get started on the reason I would love to b…
BrianaSierra Nevada Grad Program
Zach is a young man that sits alone, in the corner, and out of ear shot of other stu…JenniferSierra Nevada College

The moment I realized I wanted to become a teacher was when I was not sure what …
DeannaCal State East Bay
“What do you want to be when you grow up?” was a question asked by my peers, teacher…AlyssaGrosse Pointe South High School
I have had a passion for teaching children since my teenage years. While I atten…CrystalCalifornia State University, East Bay
I've always toyed with the idea that I wanted to be a teacher but had never real…RebeccaDiablo Valley College
My name is Lu Zhen. I am currently serving in my church’s children ministry as a sma…LuCalifornia State University, East bay
The moment I realized that I wanted to become a teacher is when I was selected to be…BrittanyChabot College
I realized that I wanted to be a teacher when I started being the director of the Li…BrittanyChabot College
The moment I knew I wanted to be a teacher happened during my senior year of highsch…MeghanCarthage College
I can still remember the moment at which I e-Mailed my Freshman Year Adviser at my c…KristiCarthage College
I have always gone to school with Timmy and Tony. We started in preschool together …HannahMurray High School
As a child I found a love for learning, I would never put down a single book; it did…HannahCarthage College
Growing up, I contemplated two career options. I wanted to be either a doctor or a l…BrandyCarthage College
Throughout my life, I have lived with a mindset that when someone says you cannot or…BrittanyRound Rock High Scool
One of my earliest memories is playing teacher with my parents. I would teach my par…dylanmillikan
Giving back to the community yields the greatest reward someone could ever receive. …JadaCalifornia State University East Bay
I decided to be a teacher after being mentored and educated by my high school art te…KaylaOhio County High School
I graduated college in the year 2000. The first job that I found outside of college …BrandyUniversity of Louisville
The moment that I realized I wanted to become a teacher was quite possibly the most …TiaElgin High School
I’m entering my senior year at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’m one ye…StephanieAquinas College
I have always had a passion for helping others. Everyone seems to find me as the mot…AshtonMurray State University
In the summer of 2013, I volunteered with a program in Peru where I was placed in a …EileenSierra Nevada College
I have always been a hard worker and a very determined individual. As a child I didn…KelsieMurray State University
Growing up I've always said that I wanted to be a teacher. I remember when I was…BlayneCalloway County High School
The moment I realized I wanted to become a teacher was in the eighth grade. I had o…MackenzieMurray State University
The moment I realized I wanted to become a teacher was during my eleventh-grade year…Chelsea Longwood University
From the moment I started going to school in Kindergarten I was asked what I wanted …AnaCSU East Bay
I realized that I wanted to be a teacher when I was a sophomore in college. I had NE…PaigeDePaul University
My entire life I have always had two plans, Plan A was to become a nurse, I took one…BrookeMurray State University
I do not think there was one defining or "Aha!" moment when I knew I wanted …ShereeCal State East Bay (in progress)
Upon entering my junior year, I wanted to become a physical therapist. That was my d…JessicaPickerington North High School
Darby Moffatt
Mometrix Teaching Scholarship
May 15, 2018
A Lesson Plan that…
Darby Murray State University
I learned of my love for teaching dance in high school. Granted I used to amously pr…OliviaKennesaw State University