Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

My inspiration for being a nurse comes from seeing my mother in the healthcare field. My mom has been in the healthcare field for as long as I can remember. I remember seeing her compassion for others and her will to help them. I see the same characteristics in myself as I strive to help others and care for them. I enjoy caring for others and especially aiding those who can not help themselves. I also love volunteering. I volunteered at my local hospital for two years on the mother-baby floor. Not only did I love helping out the nurses, I also loved seeing the way the nurses cared and advocated for their patients at all times. I love the effort and love they showed their patients who they just met. It was also so inspirational to see the appreciation all the patients had for their hard working nurses. The patients and other hospital staff definitely made sure their hard work didn't go without notice. I love being a part of a team or group. Seeing the way the hospital staff all praised each other for their hard work and encouraged each other was beautiful. All the nurses showed their dedication to their patients in their every move. They always made sure to be loving and caring to everyone around them, not just patients but also their guests and family. Being a nurse is a true sacrifice and should be greatly praised. They are the hardest working and have the kindest hearts. Especially with the current outbreak of COVID-19, the nurses are working their hardest at this time and are being very selfless. This shows the dedication and beauty behind being a nurse. The job of being a nurse is a privilege and an honor I hope to earn one day.

Melissa from Illinois
High School Senior
Larkin High School