Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

In my early high school years my dream was to be a Professional Journalist/ Creative Writer. My decision changed over the past year, I realized that my future was to be a nurse and to take care of people. I’ve always loved being able to make people feel better and I just love seeing people happy and smiling. I am currently a senior and my future lies ahead of me, I know that taking care of patients is my number one priority. Also when I visit the hospital I am always intrigued at how the nurses get the patients in and out in a friendly manner. I realized that being aJournalist wasn’t my true career, but I found that out before I made it my major in college.One of my top talents that are going to help me with my career as an RN is to have great communication skills and I know how to handle people’s emotions and when they have a problem. I have had two jobs in the past year and my favorite class in school is English, so I know that people always need to be understood before acting. Everybody is going to have to dealwith communication at some point, it’s basically like having a conversation with a friend or yourboss. Just always remember to be respectful and take everybody’s feelings into consideration andto never overly judge anyone because of the way that they are.Nursing is one of the top careers right now and almost 20 million people have professionsin the healthcare business. I knew that I wanted to have a career in healthcare when I used to see how much pain would go through with their joints, I just knew that I wanted to be able to help them with the pain they went through. My grandparents go through a lot with their knees and mymother suffers from sickle cell and I would love to find a cure for that disease, because too manypeople suffer from it. I used to always help them with trying to walk when they couldn’t and I made the food and I loved doing it for them. I am the oldest child in my household so I took care of my siblings when they were feeling sick.

Rechaiya from Virginia
High School Senior
Franklin Military Academy