Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

The single biggest motivating factor that drives me in my pursuit of nursing is my deep desire to care for others. When I was a child, I loved to play “nurse” and help my siblings with a scratch or cut. Now, at eighteen years old, that wish to help others has not diminished but rather grown stronger. I especially want to be a travel nurse because then I will have the opportunity to assist cities struggling with natural disasters. In areas of natural disasters, travel nurses are a major asset because they not only save many lives themselves but also help coordinate with volunteers and assist those struggling with PTSD. People in these situations need as much help as they can get. These people who are in terrible situations are the ones who motivate me to pursue nursing. The courageous work nurses perform speaks to the degree of impact they are capable of, and I yearn to partake in it. When I volunteer at the local Children’s hospital and nursing home, I encounter so many incredible nurses who sacrifice so much of themselves for the sake of others. As a nurse, I will embody holistic care, which is caring for the whole person--the body as well as the mind. I do not look at nursing as a career but as an opportunity. Nurses have one of the most powerful and inspiring jobs, which is why this is the path I am choosing.

Jennifer from Minnesota
High School Senior
Roseville Area High School