Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I am pursuing a Master’s in Nursing for Adult and Geriatric Care. I have worked in multiple elderly care facilities and have realized that a longer life does not necessarily mean a healthy life. Many of our elderly are subjected to physical disabilities, mental decline, and other co-morbidities. Even though we have gained more days in our lives, much of them are spent in facilities and institutions. Though the quantity of life has increased, it seems as though our quality of life has decreased. There is a growing need to accommodate our rapidly expanding aging population and provide optimal care until their time comes. I want to become a nurse who will advocate for my patients and provide them with comfort and dignity until the very end. Death is a terrifying yet inevitable part of life that no one should go through alone. A lot of individuals want to keep those who are suffering at arm's length because of fear. The fear of being engulfed in that person’s worries and suffering. Though terrifying, I want to conquer that fear alongside my patients and walk with them through that difficult stage of their lives, paying close attention to how well they lived rather than how long. I understand that this will require a steadfast character, never-ending empathy and a variety of skills to do this. I believe that pursuing this degree in nursing will help me achieve the necessary tools to walk with these people during the most hopeless of times. Despite all of my experiences working with under-served communities, elderly homes, and emergency rooms, I’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg. Pursuing my graduate studies in nursing will not only advance my career, but also help me become the best person I could possibly be. There is much to learn and I am excited for every challenge along the way.

Elyse Kristine from California
College Junior
Azusa Pacific University