Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I have three children, and two are ill. My experiences with limited and inefficient medical care has encouraged me to seek a profession where I can advocate for improved medical care for low-income households. This journey began 10 years ago with my child who has an autoimmune disease. The doctors had no diagnosis for her because her symptoms were atypical, and she was perpetually ill. Consequently, she missed many foundational years of schooling, and I missed work.
I moved to an area where schools have resources to work with my child and where there is efficient medical care. After 10 years of no diagnosis in an area with limited recourses, we received a diagnosis within 4 months of the move.
After the move, my other child’s mentally illness was exasperated because of a traumatic experience. This devastated my family because we nearly lost her. I was unable to get treatment that was effective and covered by our insurance. My child was placed in a group home for intensive therapy where residents were monitored 24-hours for their safety. She acquired more trauma in the group home because policies were not followed and some unethical staff choices. I removed her after 6 months. Other adolescents in that home had unimaginable trauma, lacked outside support, and they had no voice in their care. There is a rehabilitation model that works with trauma patients but is not implemented in our mental health systems at the low-income level. Mandating policy changes to support a trauma informed model in rehabilitation could increase rehabilitation outcomes. I believe that policy change would be the only voice protecting the adolescents who are shaped by the systems they have ended up in.
I enrolled into a BSN program where I will become an RN and advocate for policy changes. I desire to improve the quality of health care resources available for low-income families. Pursuing a nursing degree will allow me to help others access better health care.

MELISA from California
College Junior
Chamberlain College of Nursing