Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

My greatest inspiration to pursing a nursing degree has to be my grandfather. He went to school to become a doctor. He continues to strive to better individuals lives a step at a time, even when they do not have much to offer. He has shown me the true definition of selflessness and care through the actions he portrays every day. As time goes on, he still has the energy to care for his family and the community. He and my grandmother hold food drives and events for the community as a thank you and to give back. He is very humble and works around the clock to ensure that everyone does well for themselves. There is not one act that he does without considering others involved, directly or indirectly. He chose to learn over 11 different languages to be able to cater to many individuals. I find his acts of service and care for patients and the community to be the reason for him being my greatest role model and inspiration. I want to better my community and help individuals in need. I want to have the resources and commitment to dedicate my time and effort into improving lives, a day at a time.

Jade from Florida
College Sophomore
Nova Southeastern University