Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

My inspiration for becoming a nurse started around when I was in 2nd grade. During that year my mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Since she was a stay at home mom she had to take my younger brother and me to her appointments. This included going to her chemotherapy treatments. Every time we went with her to the treatments a couple of the nurses would ask my brother and me if we wanted to hang out with them while our mom got better. Of course, we said yes and they would take us back to the nurse's station. They would ask us about our day and how school was going and what we were going to do later that night. It always made me so happy and excited to talk to them. Once my mom was done with the treatment they would take us back and talk to my mom about everything we had said. This always caused my mom's face to light up with joy no matter how sick she was feeling. Since that time I have always been able to remember how much happiness they were able to give to my mom even though she was going through the hardest part of her life. Since then I have wanted to do the same thing for other people. Yes, nursing and being in the medical field is about fixing the problems that is causing them pain. Though it is also very important to heal all of the problems that the person is having whether it be physical or mental. When a patient leaves me I want them to feel like they have a connection with me and know that I have done everything in my power to heal them in every way. This is exactly what those nurses did for my mother when she was going through cancer, and I want to do the same thing when I start my career.

Abigail from Nebraska
College Sophomore
University of Nebraska- Kearney