Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

IWalking in My Aunt’s Footsteps

Growing up I had the wonderful privilege of growing up next door to my aunt Sharon. She was the sweetest person on earth. She was always helping others and caring for others. She was a nurse not only at her job, but to her children and people in the community. People were always calling her when they had a medical question or needed some emergency help. She was the perfect example of what a great nurse looks like. Watching her care for others throughout my childhood planted a seed in me.
I am a mother to three rambunctious boys. Shortly after my third son was born my husband lost his job. This event gave me the push I needed to go back to school to pursue a career in nursing. It has been a long journey attending college with three small children at home. There have been many late nights, missed soccer games, panic attacks and more.
I just got accepted into nursing school and the Davis Applied Technology College in Kaysville, UT. While this is something to be celebrated it comes with a lot of new stresses. I am very fearful of how my family is going to survive finically. I have been running a small daycare out of my house but can’t do that and go through the nursing program at the same time. I am earnestly looking for a scholarship that will help relieve some of the financial worries I have.
My sweet aunt Sharon Passed away from a quick five-week battle of cancer last year. I like to believe that she will be with me throughout this journey. Her kindness and perseverance have given my an example of the kind of nurse I would like to become.
Receiving this scholarship would be one struggling mothers answer to prayer. I apricate so much your kindness and willingness to consider me for this scholarship.

-Audrey Patane

Audrey from Utah
College Junior
Davis Applied Technology Colledge