Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

"Grammy, I think I am going to go to college to be a nurse!" I grinned, knowing that my grandma herself was a nurse for many years. I knew my grandma would be excited to know that her granddaughter had chosen the same profession that brought her so much joy.
"Oh, Sarah don't you think that would be a little hard? Nursing is a very challenging degree," responded my grandma in a doubtful tone. I was taken aback by the response, but tried to defend myself.
"Well, I have all A's, even in my dual enrollment classes." A lot of people doubted my ability because I was homeschooled. It hurt growing up feeling like I had to prove myself to my grandparents. My grandma's question stuck with me, though, and I have come to the conclusion that I desire to pursue nursing because I want to speak life into others when they are hurting. One discouraging word can be powerful, but so can one loving word. Many people have approached me and told me that I have a gift of making others feel at ease and encouraged. Nursing is the PERFECT way for me to use my gift!
I had no idea that one month into my first semester of the nursing program, I would see concrete examples of the power of words up close. My little brother got into a car accident and was hospitalized for almost an entire month. It felt like a nightmare on many occasions, and I saw how some of the nurses made spending the day in the hospital a little better, while others made the nightmare worse. One day at the hospital, I overheard a nurse speaking harshly to a sweet elderly woman I had befriended while I waited to see my brother. She likely had dementia and could not think straight; she was frail and had a gentle demeanor. I was able to sit with her and encourage her afterward. I had the pleasure of seeing a soft smile spread across her worry-worn face. That made my day even though I was having a difficult time because of my brother's condition.
So, why pursue nursing? Isn't it a challenge? Yes! And love is a powerful motivator

Sarah from Kentucky
College Sophomore
Northern Kentucky University