Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Giving back is an important part of my life. I cherish the life I have and feel it is an important principle to bring joy to others that may not have the same opportunity as me. My family supports me when doing this; my mother brought me to her hometown, Santiago in Dominican Republic, about 4 years ago. Throughout this trip we visited families that lived around my mother’s home when growing up. We brought them water, food, and clothing. My mother always made me pick out 10 pieces of clothing and 2 pairs of shoes from my closet, to give to the children. When I did this as a child, it would upset me because I didn't want to give my clothes to other people. As I grew up, I learned that those 10 pieces of clothing I gave meant nothing to me, but to those children, it was the first new piece of clothing in months. We spent a week there, cooking and helping the families in any way we could. On the last day, we gave the children toys; this was very emotional. One girl named Pamela, cried because she lost her only doll a year ago, and we gave her a new one. Her tears sparked something inside of me, and ever since then, I seek satisfaction in helping others.
This trip taught me how to be selfless from a young age. It taught me the importance of giving to others, without receiving anything back. This trip educated me that God’s creations were made equal. The families were more than pleased with us bringing them new clothes and cooking tasty foods. They were thankful and their hearts were happy, regardless of how many things we brought, their peace of mind was within them.
Pursuing a degree in Nursing will allow me to do things like this, but make an even bigger impact on people. I aspire to become a travel Nurse practitioner and travel to help those who need it most. I want to be have something that I know will benefit others, nursing gives me the opportunity to change people's lives not only physically, but emotionally. I can create pure relationships amongst patients.

Rashell from Connecticut
College Freshman
Regis College