Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I was inspired to pursue a nursing career at a young age, but I had not realized it until later in life. For the first seven years of my life, I was in and out of the hospital due to my asthma conditions. I was at Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis for nearly a month. Nurses always made me feel better, even if I was scared and struggling to breathe. My parents were teenage immigrant parents, so they encountered a lot of struggles. I remember the comfort that Spanish speaking medical professionals brought my parents, even in the times of their distress. When I grew up and began understanding the barriers my community faced in the healthcare system I discovered my passion. After explaining and translating medical procedures as best as I could to family members, I realized the need for minorities in the healthcare field. Living in the United States means living with people descending from around the world, and it astonishes me that our healthcare system does not represent our communities. I am inspired to pursue a nursing degree in order to give back to my Hispanic/Latino community. I think that nursing should provide holistic care to all patients, and I believe that that can best be achieved through the expansion of diversity in the demographics of nursing and medical staff. I want all people to feel welcome and comfortable when they seek medical attention, and if they need the translation I think there should be staff that can provide that. Even if a patient is fluent in English, in order to provide that holistic care we need to make sure to be respecting their culture. While I think that educating nurses on how to do this is a great step, I think it can be best done if the nursing staff were more diverse and could relate to such patients. I consider myself to be an advocate for my culture and all cultures. I think healthcare should be accessible to all and breaking barriers to access to healthcare is what continues to inspire me to pursue a nursing degree.

Yamilex from Indiana
College Freshman
University of Saint Francis- Fort Wayne, IN