Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

My name is Praise and I am a twenty-year-old studying nursing at Grand Canyon University. Nurses wear multiple hats to provide holistic care to their patients. I believe there are multiple roles that need to be filled in the area of nursing. I want to be a nurse for three main reasons, first to bridge the gap in fatalities for women of color during childbirth, the second reason is to protect the dignity of our elders, providing them the best care possible even as they age, and finally to advocate for the voiceless and be a present presence for my patients. The reason behind my why is personal. My aunt was in a coma post birth due to healthcare disparities and not being heard. I also worked as a CNA and saw seniors being treated poorly and instead of complaining I became the change people needed to see. I engaged in therapeutic conversations while still providing the needed care and I was just there for them every step of the way being their biggest supporter. I would end my shifts in tears because I know how it feels to feel unseen and I saw the power in choosing to see them rather than their disease. I remember the day before I left for school a family member of a patient told me, "please go we release you to grow because we need you, the world needs more of you". I was touched to do more. Being in nursing school is an honor. You can not be a great nurse only by caring and you can not do it only by being competent. Nursing requires the two. The science behind the art of caring in order to be the best for the people who need you the most. Thank you

Praise from Minnesota
College Sophomore
Grand Canyon University