Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

As a child, any adult that I encountered, whether they were my immediate family or a stranger whom I became acquainted with, relished asking one question. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The replies were always simple. “Oh, a doctor of course! Maybe a lawyer. Perhaps a businessman.” Simple because they were the most lucrative jobs that I could fathom. Even at such a young age, I understood the sheer value of money and had decided to try to commit my life to careers based solely on that factor. However, as I have matured and discovered my share of trials and tribulations, I understand that while fortune does seem to make the world go around, it does not make it a better place. An enhanced world is created by people. People who understand what it means to be a friend, a neighbor, to love and to care, and to empathize. People who seek to not only fulfill their own lives but to enhance the quality of life for those around them. In this understanding, I discovered nursing and why it was meant for me. Nursing is the cornerstone of these attributes. Becoming a nurse signifies becoming an individual to whom others unconditionally trust. It means becoming an individual who sees their neighbors at their lowest and work to build them up again. In a state where people have forgotten what it means to help others, nurses continue to provide compassion and support like no other. Deep into my career as a nurse, I will have the knowledge that I am going to a job that can fulfill more than a need to consume and has provided me an avenue to positively influence another individual’s life. This is a life of satisfaction and the reason why I pursue a career in nursing.

Katlyn from Texas
College Sophomore
Texas State University