Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Nursing is not a career choice, it is my calling. 4 years ago, I was on track to get my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. My decision to pursue Business was heavily influenced by my friends and family members, all of whom hold careers in the industry. The problem? It never interested me. I lacked passion for it and had no idea what I wanted to do.

One day, my classmate Kohlton, mentioned he was pursuing a degree in nursing and went on to tell me all about the field. I was taken by his excitement towards it, and decided to research the career on my own. I spent endless days and nights learning about nursing. It immediately appealed to me, and the rest is history. I was all-in.

Nurses do so much for so many people. As a people person, I am drawn towards this field because it allows me to make a positive, lasting impact, on my patient's and their family members during their most trying, difficult times. Additionally, I am drawn towards the critical thinking aspect of nursing. As a nurse, you are a life-long learner, and there is a deep need for nurses who continue to apply themselves and grow throughout their career.

It took me 2 years to become admitted to a nursing program. It was a challenging, life-changing process, but one that has become so rewarding. I am now in my second year of nursing school at University of San Francisco and I absolutely love it.

School has never been easy for me, and I struggled in my younger years, but I believe that my success in the nursing program, in addition to my hard work, is in large part due to my innate passion and drive to become a nurse. Next year, when I pass my NCLEX, I sincerely look forward to putting on that RN badge and leading the career that called my name 4 years ago.

Arthur from California
College Junior
University of San Francisco