Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Nurses play significant roles in all different types of medical facilities found all over the world. Ever since I was a child, I have dreamt of playing a significant role in helping people on a daily basis. Individuals who decide to pursue a career in nursing decide that they want to participate in a profession that works towards helping people. Nurses have the power to cast a positive effect on the lives of their patients and everyday they do their very best to provide the best care possible.
I decided to pursue a career in nursing after I started volunteering at the local hospital in my area. Volunteering at the hospital has allowed me to observe how much of a significant role nurses play and how seriously they take their job when caring for a patient. Observing the nurses on each floor of the hospital has helped increase my love for the medical field and how I can use it to help others. Nurses are the superheroes that sometimes go unnoticed for their heroic deeds that they accomplish on a daily basis. By becoming a nurse, I truly believe that I would wake up everyday with an energetic feeling of wanting to help as many people as possible. Being able to say that I have helped someone in a significant way or to have cast a positive effect on someone’s life would be an amazing feeling to be able to wake up with for the rest of my life. Becoming a nurse has been a dream of mine that I plan to keep on pursuing and excelling at.

Isabella from Florida
High School Senior
Saint John Paul II Academy