Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Growing up as a child who was in the hospital more often than others, whether for me or for a family member, is what pushes me to pursue a degree in nursing. I have had family that i have lost to a heart condition, or family that has been told to stay over night for observation due to a stroke or breast cancer surgery, or being very ill. Also, as i grew up i always knew i wanted to be in the field of medicine, because i always loved the thought of having a major impact in someones life, knowing i helped them. It could be something as small as cleaning up and patching a scrape on a child's knee, or making life or death decisions in the emergency room. The fact of being able to go home or clock out of working telling myself "I did that today, yay me!" is something that inspires me to get my nursing degree.

Alejandra from Florida
High School Senior
Thomas Jefferson High School