Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I chose to nursing for many reasons. One is the bond we as nurses can create with our patients, we are the first face they see when they enter the hospital and one of the lasts before they leave. Whenever I have I appointment I meet the same nurse just about every time, She has become someone who I look forward to seeing because she makes everything easier. I want to be able to do that for my own patients in the future. At a medical camp I went to I saw how close a cancer patient waste his nurses and how they changed his life and helped him get bettering encouraged him to keep going, I want to do that. Another reason is I am in love with the flexibilities of a nurse. We can work everywhere in the hospital. We can begin the delivery room, helping with surgery, or in the emergency room. We can be somewhere new every day or every hour its just depends on where we are needed. I love moving around and seeing and working with different people, you never know where you're needed, but I will go anywhere. I also love nursing because I truly love helping people whether that be medically or just trying to help put a smile on a patients face. All my life I have always wanted to help people no matter what I needed to do, I enjoy lending a helping hand. Lastly I choose to nurse because I know it will not be the only thing I want to do. I know I want to get my doctorate in nuclear medicine, oncology, and or pediatrics. Like stated before we use nurses in all parts of the hospital and i want to use this to my advantage so I know exactly what I want to get into and what is my best fit. As a nurse I can get hands on experience in a lot of different places and find what I want to specialize in. I may not even specialize in those three I might fall in love with something else or just stay as a registered nurse. Being a nurse also open your eyes to a whole different world, if it wasn't for the nurse in the CHI medical camp I went to I never would have chosen the path of nursing.

Angel from Nebraska
College Sophomore
Missouri Western State University