Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Growing up, I never knew exactly what I wanted to do. My mind would always wander into different careers almost every other day. It was not until I attended a technical high school where I found my calling. I was accepted into the Allied Health program my freshman year and haven’t looked back ever since. Being able to experience nursing at such a young age really paved my determination in this field. I was able to get a real-life experience of how a normal day in the life of a nurse is in a nursing home. Day in and day out, we were able to take care of residents and help with their everyday needs. I never realize the impact it made until the last day one of my residents told me “Keep up the great work sweetheart, every day you come in I see a spark in you, your always ready to help, keep shining bright.” Since that day fourth, I owe it all to her for opening my eyes into the career field that I have discovered I truly love. Being a huge impact for others and seeing progress on those I helped, showed me my love for nursing. No matter how big or small your willing to help someone is, in their eyes, it can be greater than you can ever know.
Pursuing my nursing degree, I want to make the same impact on others as I had that one resident. Wherever I go in life, whoever I help, I will always be ready to take on anything in my path. Whether it is a road block or a building block, paving a pathway to help others and seeing that your own hard work can truly influence another’s life, positively, is what nursing is all about. I want to advocate for all patients and really understand what they truly need and help them obtain it. Working towards a goal is something we all strive for, but being able to say you achieved it, is a whole new perspective not many say they can do. Achieving my nursing degree will not only help others but make me be able to shine a light for others who need an extra sign. Showing the world that no matter how hard you try, you will achieve greatness.

Rachael from Pennsylvania
College Sophomore
Widener University School of Nursing