Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I am Ra’Mya Lenoir I am attending Prairie View A&M in the fall. I inspire to be a nurse because I believe helping people can make a difference in our community and patients life. I always want to make people feel important and cared for when they’re in their most vulnerable moments.
I also remember being at the hospital when my closet fell on my nose and the nurses I meet made me feel like they really care and made me comfortable. I always wondered what it felt like to to be in the position to make others feel better and know their okay. I want to be able to help and inform people on what’s going with them in a way they will understand. Later in life I will like to find a way to help people not by medication but natural ways, because I believe that medication helps one thing but causes five other problems. With this scholarship it will help me and my family finically. I am the first to attend college and I believe I can make a difference with in the community and encourage my family members to go to college too when it’s time. I will be able to set an example that if I can do it then everyone else can as well. I also will like to visit places that people don’t have many doctors or places to go to when they’re in need up help. And help those that can’t afford to go to the hospital. Or the people like me that are in middle class that have to rely on insurance for everything. In conclusion I truly believe that this scholarship will help me help others, and make a huge difference in the world. Thank you for taking the time to read my essay.

RaMya from Missouri
High School Senior
Lees summit north