Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I seek out difficult challenges. It is a habit. I take them on in DIYs, politics, sports, academia. The greatest challenge? selflessness. This is one act that will never be about yourself, but, when it is done, you receive satisfaction for yourself and only on account of yourself. Selflessness is key in the nursing profession. I see it in my mom when, after leaving the hospital, she resumes her work at home; calling the need-to-knows in order to advocate for her patients who have received insufficient care in the hospital. I see her take up this selfless challenge every night. Yes, I have heard her deliver heroic tales of when she made quick decisions that saved lives. What I have utmost respect for, though, is the love I observe her showing when she selflessly gives up the remainder of her time in the day to continue her servitude to her patients. This form of selflessness is seen in nearly every nurse because the job requires her to dedicate her life to serving others. I want to serve humanity like that. Therefore, I am taking on the challenge to become a nurse.
Stereotypically, a part of me wants to become a nurse because my mom is a nurse. This is because, like most daughters, my mom is my heroine. Moreover, I have been blessed to have another great parent in my life, my dad, whom is my hero. Andre Flemings (dad for short) lives simply: loves all of his 8 children above all others, waits tables at the Marriot, drinks and smokes minimally, so, consequently, has coronary artery disease. I suspect this is why the heart was the most fascinating topic in anatomy for me. I love reading on coronary circulation and the seamless flow of blood through the heart. I also am intrigued by topics that discuss what obstructs this supposedly seamless circulation in some people like my dad; a narrowing of the arteries for instance, or obstructions like cholesterol impeding coronary blood flow. This interest led me to the decision to become a cardiac nurse. A challenge for sure.

Alisia from Pennsylvania
College Junior
Holy Family University