Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I sometimes have flashbacks from a ceremony when I was a young child. Flashbacks when my eye and nervous system moved at the end of a healing ceremony. I was born with a failed nervous system because of an umbilical cord that wrapped around my neck. A doctor prescribed medicine that would help the right side of my face move. But the medicine did not work and caused my parents to take me to a medicine woman to heal me. The ceremony took all night while I was placed in ashes from head to toe with healing spiritual words. The Navajo Nation is a very sacred land and is well known for its cultures that gain their power from within the land. There are spiritual ceremonies that have been created to reduce the bad and improve the good in this world. These ceremonies have been tied around the Navajo culture for a very long time. Within the medicine men and women, I come from a line of a medicine man. In the everyday life of a Navajo, evil is upon our lives. I do believe this because I have been a victim of being injured and having nightmares. While there is evil in this world, good also surrounds the Navajos. My first ceremony as a baby, I only remember being covered in ashes and some nights I still feel covered in ashes. When I step inside a Hogan I feel safe most of the time but sometimes I feel like someone is inside me disliking the presence of the medicine man. The feeling is dark, lost, and weak in my body. The medicine man and woman in my Navajo culture and how they used traditional medicine to help me heal and protect me from bad spirits made me very interested in medicine. When the medicine woman used her traditional medicine to heal me, this got me interested in going into the medical field. I had a vision about turning my knowledge about the nervous system through nurse into helping my culture more with kids that had the same problem as I did when I was born. I want to invent a new medicine to heal kids with failed nervous systems. I want to help the future.

Dionte from New Mexico
High School Senior
Central High