Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Mometrix Nursing Scholarship
Mariah McVicker
Most of my family has been in the medical field for as long as I remember. I’ve always been surround by medicine, but I haven’t been inspired to take part in it until my twin sister was diagnosed with pneumonia. It was fourth grade when she began to have shortness of breath as well as pain in the right side of her chest. It wasn’t until two weeks later until they took her to the doctor. By that time it already progressed worst than we could have ever imagined. The X-ray featured both of her lungs: one completely normal and one completely black with infection. Our local hospital was not equipped to deal with the severity of her case. She was shipped off to Akron Children’s Hospital— one of the best children’s hospital in our state. In those next three months it was a struggle for our family. She endured three major surgeries with her most important removing part of her lung that had died. She also underwent early stages of kidney failure due to some medication that place her on for infection. During this time my family struggle to make the drive and work. The more time she spent at the hospital the more bills we racked up that would be next to impossible for us to pay off. While this was happening we had endless support from the nurses and the rest of the hospital staff. A specific nurse we had, I believe her name was Liz, was and continues to be a huge inspiration for me. She was great with my young sister and I both mentally and medical. This inspires me to be that person for many people of all ages.

Mariah from Ohio
High School Senior
West Holmes High School