Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I grew up on Ecuador a third work country where healthcare is a luxury. When I was eight years old, I had pneumonia and was hospitalized for one week. While in the hospital I could see the work that nurses do, day and night. They were doing anything and everything, they are the backbone of the hospital. I remember I made friends with the little boy on the other side of the room, we play together and even help pass the lunch trays around the other rooms. One day, he was gone. I asked my nurse about him and she sat next to my bed and told me he died on the most caring, loving way she could explain to a little child. That experience has stayed with me since, and then I decided I want to be a nurse. I want to help caring for those that need healing and comfort. While pursuing my nursing path, I was lucky to work at the Huntsman Cancer Institute with the Support Oncology and Survivorship Clinic. I was able to see the pain journey that patients had to go during cancer treatments. There is an undeniable joy you can feel when helping a patient reach their goal of comfort and pain relief. I learned from great Nurse Practitioners about caring and compassionate care. My goal is to be a palliative Nurse Practitioner at a cancer hospital. Nurses get to interact with the patient daily and get to know them, this can play an important role on building an environment of trust and confidentiality where goals can be set and achieved. I want to be a kind nurse that patient will remember during their hospital stay, not because of their illness but because how they left when they left the hospital. I want to make a difference, be an exceptional nurse building community base care to all socioeconomic classes. All my past and present experiences are helping me build on skills on my future nursing career, I just need financial support to finish my second semester of nursing at Salt Lake Community College.

Sara from Utah
College Junior
Salt Lake Community College