Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

At the age of seventeen, I have embraced the many life-changing experiences that sculpted the person I am today. Of course, not all these experiences were planned, but I have learned that life sometimes throws curve balls in your path whether you are quite ready for them or not. Healthcare has become a saving grace for me; it has allowed me to grow, find my lifelong career, boost my self-confidence, develop wisdom and just learning to enjoy life.

Throughout my high school career, I have prepared myself for a stressful and unpredictable career by choosing academic classes that will help in the long run. I always wanted to challenge myself, so I made sure that I took any honors, AP or dual-enrollment classes. I also enrolled in a career academy and got a head start on my health care pathway. This pathway has led me to many opportunities such as Work Based Learning and Premier Medical Careers. With Work-Based learning I was able to work in a doctor's office, Dr. Howard Ellison M.D. It was such an amazing experience and I would love to work at a doctor's office when I am much older. Premier Medical Career’s is contracted with the Rockdale Career academy and has given me the opportunity to earn my Certified Nursing assistant and EKG certification at the age of 17.

Though my high school years have been stressful I’ve always been the one to always have fun. I loved football games, fashion shows, homecoming, performing, prom, and so many more school activities. At a very young age, I had a knack for performing and always being in front of a camera. At three years old I started modeling acting for big brands such as Macy’s and Vow Wedding. I continued to perform in school by participating in school plays and auditioning for fine arts academies. I found my passion for musical theater in high school when I was accepted to Heritage High School’s Fine Arts Academy. Theater and health care combined was such a great opportunity for me because they went hand and hand with each other. There I learned how to be more confident, how to organize, memorization skills and to be more outgoing, which is a great skill to have while working in a healthcare field.

I discovered my passion for healthcare, not just because I wanted to inspire and help others, but because of how clumsy and accident prone I was. Almost anything I did would lead to an emergency room visit or urgent care physician. For example, one day I was doing laundry on a Sunday when I had a bright idea to experiment on detergent which led to it exploding in my left eye. This freak accident took a few minutes for my mom to calm me down and take me to the hospital. As we arrived the nurses knew the look on my face, and I was not ready to be played with. They made jokes and danced around to calm me down and make me happy for what came next. Little did I know they would be using a Morgan lens- a sterile plastic device that fits and allows irrigation of the eye- to flush the chemicals out of my eye. At this point, I was freaking out and the nurses were so kind and helpful which made it a less horrific experience. This is when I realized that this is what I wanted to do. I enjoyed the gratification, diversity, selflessness, and inner peace of helping someone. On a certain level, I feel that nursing is a way to connect with people and establish a trusting relationship.

After high school graduation, I would like to pursue a career in the healthcare industry to become a Registered Nurse Anesthetist. A CRNA is an advanced registered nurse who administers anesthesia for surgery and many other medical procedures. I chose this pathway because I love how unpredictable this career is and gives me the opportunity to expand health care to minorities. Though we have come so far in the healthcare field regarding racial and ethnic minority health status there are still problems in the system. There are many underrepresented racial and ethnic minorities in the US healthcare professions which causes the implication of worse health disparities. Diverse workforces help expand health care access to the underserved and promotes more research related to majority minority.

Like my mom says, “I’m her perfectly imperfect”, as you can tell throughout my essay, I am a very peculiar, clumsy young woman. But that is what makes me, me and why I chose the career I chose. With the healthcare courses, I took the past three years in high school, I knew it was not a waste of time. It helped to guide me through a watered-down process of nursing school, though it was difficult I toughed it out and never gave up. Though the gratification of becoming a nurse is so compelling my main goal is to inspire people who want to provide to people in any way possible.

Jada from Georgia
High School Senior
Heritage High School