Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

In a healthcare profession, I will be able to meet and interact with people of varying backgrounds. As someone who has anxiety, I could use that experience to reach out to my patients and those that surround them. I hope to provide my patients with emotional help along with the medical care. I had the opportunity to talk with multiple current nurses in different areas of the hospital and they aided me in choosing nursing as my major. In an interview with one nurses who told me, “you don’t just have one patient, you have two,” this opened my eyes to the reality that as a nurse one not only takes care of the patient receiving treatment, but also to the family. I would love to not only be the caregiver but also a comforter the families. My successes within the workplace would come by means of my ability to communicate effectively, aptitude for detail oriented tasks, and bilingual capacity. Nursing for me isn’t just about helping others, but also about bettering myself through character building experiences.
A scholarship would help me obtain my ultimate goal of being able to impact someone's birthing experience, something that will bring me great pride. I’ve always been someone to push myself and being able to without the financial stress would take that tremendous weight off of my shoulders. My education will be funded through scholarships given directly from Otterbein University, and loans taken on by my parents and I. I myself have to take on loans in order to get through school and pursue my passions. In total I will have to take about $14,000 in loans with the school paying about $32,000 of my cost of attendance. Thankfully my cost of attendance includes things like books and supplies but it adds to debt that I will have to carry. I will be able to more seamlessly transition into midwifery school after getting a bachelor's degree. Without the financial stress I will be able to continue one of my passions, which is community service.

London from California
High School Senior
Knight High School