Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

When someone is determining what their calling in life is and they must ask themselves these questions: What do I enjoy doing? How will I pursue this? and, finally, what is my inspiration? I would have to give credit to my inspiration to two occurrences. The first began when I had just started high school. There was a list of clubs that everyone could sign up on and in following my brothers foot steps I found myself joining Rapid Response. Rapid Response is a club that is provided by the North Arkansas Regional Medical Center to the surrounding school, and I teaches its students the necessary first aid skills to save someones life. We act as the first responders on and off campus. I remained in that club all four years of my high school career and gaining the honor of co-captain my Junior year then captain my senior year. During my time in the club, me and my class mates compiled an approximate total of 113 hours each of community service and won the community service award for our school in my Junior year. However, I cannot contribute my entire to this sole opportunity because there is one that strikes closer to my heart than those four amazing years. My brother is a diabetic and he attends Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas which happens to be the same college that I will be attending in the fall. During the Summer of his Junior year, he had been neglecting his duty to his disease and was rushed to the hospital where he had a large chance of dying. We rushed down there in the mist of tears and prayers that my brother would make it and that we would make it there safely ourselves. When we arrived by his bed side he was stabilized and being prepared to be moved to another hospital in Malvern, Arkansas. After being moved, I got to watch all the nurses in the ICU, Intensive Care Unit, work around the clock to save my bigger brother and worked in unison to save a life. Now that's a team I want to work for. So, I leave you with this, consider nursing.

Charles from Arkansas
High School Senior
Valley Springs High School