Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

While there are so many parts to my story, my main inspiration for pursing my degree was the birth of my Son. After my surgery ending with the birth of my healthy baby, I experienced the most amazing care for the most amazing people in the world, my Nurses. They cared for me, they cared for my new baby, and they cared for my husband. They provided us encouragement, and education, and comfort in a time that was scary and new. And it was then, as we said our goodbyes to go home, I knew that it was time for me to take my journey to finally go back to school and become a Nurse.
I have always had an interested in the health care field, and always an admiration for Nurses. Traveling around with my husband, and the Marine Corps, didn't leave me with a lot of opportunity to make this career interest and reality. Until we were station for 3 years, in Beaufort SC, and we had our son. It was the defining moment in my life when I realized I wanted not only more for myself, but I wanted to be able to more for others. I wanted to provide the care for patients, that my Nurses gave to me and my family. This past year has been challenging and crazy, and I have never been happier. My son gave me the courage and personal experience to make my career dream a reality, and start school to complete my Nursing degree.

Aly from South Carolina
College Sophomore
University South Carolina Beaufort