Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I chose nursing as a profession because I want to help others in a meaningful way. One of the things I love most about the nursing profession is it provides the opportunity to be there for people who are experiencing and often persevering through the most vulnerable moments of their lives. To be able to care for and be present in the life of a patient going through a very difficult time is something I know would challenge me, but I cannot imagine a job more humbling and rewarding.

The area of nursing I am most interested in is the intensive care unit. In the ICU, this vulnerability holds especially true, not only for the patients but for their families as well. The health of patients in the ICU requires the nurses and doctors to be on their “A” games at all times. My near-term career goal of becoming an ICU nurse would allow me to help patients to the absolute best of my abilities, bringing immense personal satisfaction.

Another quality of nursing that inspires me every day to continue pursuing this profession is how it revolves around communication—constant communication with the patient, with their families, with the other nurses—I’ve always loved the idea of working as a team. And most importantly, I love that the job of nursing is revolved around compassion – showing our patients and their families that we don’t JUST care about their physical health, but we care about them as people, too (emotionally, spiritually).

Claire from Texas
College Junior
University of Texas at Austin