Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

There is no field as interesting to me as nursing. For me, being a nurse is more than a title and an academic accomplishment. I work with children with complex health care that require around the clock service. It is very exhausting to the parents, and my presence is a relief for them. Even as a stranger, they trust me with their baby, so they can get the break they needed. To care for the helpless and innocent babies, to meet their medical needs are of great satisfaction to me. Ever since I went back to school, I notice that as much as I am competent at my level, I can do much more for my patients with higher education. I realized that I still lack knowledge that can help me to deliver care of better quality. Getting my bachelor's degree in nursing means safer and adequate care, minimizing the risk of mistakes associated with ignorance and maximizing my impacts on the patient’s lives for excellent health outcomes. I just completed a class to introduction to global health, and I am more convinced that I need to pursue my education because I realize that even as good nurse, there were things that I did not know. As a result of the class, there is an improvement in patient’s interactions, and I understand them more as before I will label them as noncompliants. There is nothing average about human life. There is no reason for mediocre care when life is at stake. Nursing is a field where health care personnel influences patient’s decisions, and advocate on their behalf. When in trouble, people look for the best lawyer. I am my patient’s lawyer when illness threatened their health, so I need to be the best in my game. If I am going to change and impact lives, I choose to do it with knowledge, understanding, and competency. People say one needs a good heart to be a nurse, but with all the medical errors leading to life-threatening condition or death, what is a good heart without knowledge? I chose to be a compassionate and knowledgeable nurse.

ADJO from Ohio
College Sophomore
Ohio University