Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

You know what, I am scared but I am going to do it anyway. That is my motto as I refuse to let fear hold me back.

Yes, a fear of needles piercing into my soft, angelic skin has always terrified me. As I refuse to let fear run my life, I signed up for the blood drive at my school. My fear was holding me and someone else back. Maybe someone needed my blood after being in a car accident? Maybe a mother has hemorrhaging after birth? Maybe someone going through the toughest moments of their life just needed a pint of my blood? Who am I to let my fear stop me from doing something impactful?

I am courageous. I am brave. I will do this. These affirmations race through my head as my heart pounds quicker and quicker with each step closer to the blood drive. As I stand in front of the door with one hand on the cool handle my brain tries to rationalize with me. It begs and pleads with me not to walk through those doors. I consider the proposition my brain offers. No one is making me do this, I can turn around with my dignity and wait for a better time. I hesitate, ready to turn around and to run when, out of the corner of my eye, I see a nurse sitting on the bench outside the door on her break. She must have seen the look on my ghostly, white face as struggled to decide if I should donate blood.

“I know you’re nervous and that’s okay, but you have the opportunity to do a lot of good for someone who is in need of it,” she told me.
Her simple words were enough to get my feet in the building past the door’s threshold. Her encouragement told me I was capable of conquering my biggest fear. There was no turning back now.

I am clammy and the sweat stains slowly start to appear. Tell yourself to just breathe in and breathe out, you’ll be done in no time, I tell myself. The nurse leads me to the chair to begin. I squeeze the stress ball in my hand and close my eyes. I’m doing it, I’m donating blood.

Ten minutes later I am eating a packet of Goldfish and sipping on lukewarm apple juice. I munch quietly on the salty snack as I reflect on what I have just done. I did it, I conquered my fear.

Next week I am getting titers, a blood test, done which is a requirement before starting nursing school in the Fall. It’s funny how one event can change your entire life’s mission. The nurses at the blood drive treated me with compassion and understanding. It showed me the power they have to do beneficial service work in the healthcare setting. The nurses I met that day helped me conquer my fear and inspired me to become a nurse. I attribute my wanting to become a nurse to attending and donating blood that day.

I’m scared for nursing school, but I’m going to do it anyway because I will not let fear rule my life.

Amber from Illinois
College Sophomore
Concordia University Chicago