Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Ever since I was young I have dreamed of being a nurse. My personality traits throughout life events have always lead me in this direction in which my empathy and drive to efficiently help and care for others have shown through. Looking for areas in life in which I can offer unconditional support and compassion to others comes naturally to me and excites me. Whether it was volunteering at organizations such as Kosher Troops; packaging food for soldiers overseas or taking time in my year abroad in Israel to tutor children in learning English, I have always found helping others in any way exhilarating. While volunteering at nursing homes I have learned that taking just a few minutes to talk to someone can brighten their whole day, so imagine what I can do with a few hours, once I am working in the field. While taking part in the patient's care in the nursing home I was also able to see the nurses work ethic, patience and efficiency, which I definitely can incorporate into my everyday life as a nurse. Finally, I would like the opportunity to be a nurse because I want to be able to properly educate others in options for treatment in which they may have never been aware.

While in high school, I have volunteered at several organizations. One that stood out to me was an organization called Kosher Troops in which I would package food and write letters to deployed soldiers. I looked forward to taking part in this organization because I felt that I'm supporting those in need. Another experience that stands out to me was tutoring children in Israel. After completing high school, I spent a year abroad in Israel, furthering my education. While there, I took the time to reach out to children who had an interest in learning English. I learned how to patiently communicate and teach them English productively. I feel that I can carry both these experiences with me to the nursing field conveying support, empathy, patience, and communication.

Another experience in which I have greatly learned and benefited from was volunteering in a nursing home. During my time in the nursing home I took advantage of the enjoyable time talking to the elderly men and women there. Seeing how just the casual conversation, discussing their lives and family made them feel so happy as they now have someone to share thoughts with, made me realize that I have the ability to cultivate this kind of environment on a larger scale as a nurse. While at the nursing home I was also able to take the opportunity in seeing the nurses efficient, timely and organized work ethic as well as their optimistic demeanor, all in which I can envision in myself as a nurse.

Lastly, I have realized that aside from just helping others physically, I can be the one to enhance other's medical education in an attempt to further their overall health and longevity. I learned this first hand, from a young age, when my aunt passed away from a heart condition, which could have been avoided had she had the proper resources to educate her on treatment. From this experience I have learned that I want to help in educating others in medical advances and treatments in which they would have otherwise been unaware. I believe I will be capable of conveying proper education and medical options to patient's, once I myself have completed my nursing degree and education.

While growing up it was instilled in me that, "If you do what you love then you will never work a day in your life." This mantra has helped in my decision and drive to apply to the nursing program. I believe that with my past experiences of volunteering with Kosher Troop and tutoring children in learning English in Israel, taught me support, empathy, patience and communication. As well as observing what nursing really entails while volunteering at the nursing home and lastly my drive to further educate patients with medical advances and options have all lead me to the decision to apply as a nursing student. I hope to one day be the nurse that others look toward and inspire them through my actions to leave a positive impression on nursing as a whole on all those who I encounter in my career.

Tamar from New Jersey
College Junior
William Patterson University