Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Toothy smiles paired with wide, spirited eyes. The African sun blanketed the school courtyard as the young girls jumped rope. They sang and laughed away the traumas that had brought them to this alternative school. They originated from the townships of Cape Town, South Africa. In these areas violence against women is prevalent, and little girls are prostituted. Throughout my internship, I enjoyed taking part in shaping them into survivors through art and writing. I became amazed at how resilient they are and how much in common I had with them. I once heard Hell described as merely the “absence of hope”. That is what best describes my state of mind once I reached high school. Growing up, my mother was a single parent of four children and struggled to keep a roof over our heads. Many times that roof would be a car, a homeless shelter or a motel room. Despite this reality, this was not my most traumatic experience. When I was three years old, I was molested by a family member. I normalized it for so long. When I finally recognized this fact of my life, I felt so ashamed. How can someone as damaged as myself be able to mend the physical and emotional wounds of another? That’s when I decided to turn my pain into purpose. The medical field has always been an interest of mine. My own health issues made me aware of the importance of caregiving. My ultimate goal is to become a forensic nurse. I want to provide medical care for victims of trauma while working with the justice system. Nurses mend more than physical wounds; they also care for a patient’s psychological well-being. As a nurse, I want to be a healer, be an advocate, be there for them in their most vulnerable state. As a global citizen, I know I will treat every patient with cultural awareness and sensitivity. I aim to share with others my experiences so they can believe in a better tomorrow. I want to convince them that they are the writers of their own stories.

Emme from Connecticut
College Freshman
Quinnipiac University