Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I am inspired to further my education by my admiration for a surgeon whom I work for. How his brain works, how he tackles challenging situations, how he is constantly searching for more information and knowledge; I am in awe of his dedication to his patients. His most inspiring attribute is his patience. He stays calm and rational when things aren't going as planned. By doing so, he can use his vast knowledge to fix the situation at hand. I aspire to be as zealous as he is about patient care.

As a Surgical First Assistant, I get to play in the operating room. I use the word “play” because being able to learn in such a hands-on manner is a captivating experience. The rest of the world melts away as the doctor and I focus on the task at hand and immerse ourselves. I get excited by a complex problem, coming up with an innovative solution and being part of a job well done. I have had the privileged of learning under the tutelage of several skilled surgeons, such as the doctor described above, in this environment. They have taught me much about their various procedures and the proper mentality to have; and I have soaked it up like a sponge.

While I love my current profession, I realize how limited I am. My education and abilities are confined to the operating room. As a Nurse, I will learn more about what ails people and how to prevent them from ending up on an OR table. I will have the option of working in any doctor's office or hospital. In either setting, I will act as part of a team determining how best to treat the patients. I look forward to learning about different ailments that people confront throughout their lives. I will gain valuable experiences as I meet people and can help them better their quality of life. Most importantly, by expanding my knowledge base to include the skills of nursing, I will be more useful to my community. I hope to be as patient and as determined as the doctor who inspires me.

Lucinda from Florida
College Junior
University of Central Florida