Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

"Multiple years of funding cuts contributed to more than 55,000 lost jobs at local health departments from 2008-2017" estimates a report released from The Trust for America's Health, an initiative that works to advance evidence-based policies and partners with states and communities to improve health and well-being. Reading that line in the article took me back to being in my high school guidance counselor's office when she told me that public healthcare was a good choice but if I "wanted to actually make money" I would need to reconsider. The affordable tuition at Valencia College allows me the opportunity to continue my education while working for a non-profit Reproductive Health center that offers affordable health care services, counseling, and resources for uninsured and low-income adults. I witness on a daily basis how necessary these services to the community are but financially, I also am affected by the many decreases and cuts to public health funding. Society has created an association of lower price with lower quality that subconsciously affects how we view everything. Everyone has those moments where they're holding a brand name version of medication in other hand and a generic in the other, reading the identical information on the box, wondering if the brand name is really worth the extra 3 dollars. This happens because whether we like it or not, price affects the quality you expect to receive and vice versa; when something is good quality, you will usually assume it to be expensive. It wasn't until I started working in the healthcare field that I realized not only do a lot of well-educated accomplished people get their starts at community college but that almost all of them are very proud of it. I now confidently share my ambitions of completing both my Associate and Bachelor degree in Nursing at Valencia College. with the end goal of pursuing my Master's degree in Nursing to become a nurse educator and teach at a community college.

DAndra from Florida
College Sophomore
Valencia College