Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

The most profoundly inspiring acts are not those of a singular heroic moment but those of a multitude of self-sacrificing gestures stacked together to make a continuous timeline of service. The life of a nurse dedicated to her calling is exactly that. It is the collection of these moments and the constancy of their presence in each nurse I have encountered that have inspired me to pursue my own call to nursing.

My grandmother was a surgical nurse. I never had the privilege of watching her work but I heard stories of her efforts, and I regularly witnessed her heart of service toward others. In my closest nursing friends, I have often noted the generous giving of time and energy. More recently, I spent considerable time in the hospital and rehab rooms of my father during his fight against a cancerous brain tumor. During that time, I saw the extra moments his nurses took to make sure their patient was heard. I benefited from hearts that gave of energy already depleted in order to provide dignity and comfort. My family was treated with patient endurance that looked the other way when a hurting family member lashed out in a harsh manner.

I have spent my adult years homeschooling my four children. Doing so gave me the unique opportunity to develop skills of patience, caregiving, and self sacrifice. I am familiar with working long, often unacknowledged, hours and finding joy in the effort itself. My desire to learn and grow in my involvement in the medical field has deepened as my children have grown.

As I stand at the edge of an unwritten future, I desire to invest in a career that will both challenge and enrich me. I envision working in a field I am passionate about. I am eager to follow along in the footsteps of nurses who have led the way and create some of my own.Nursing will allow me to set an example and be an inspiration to others, showing how a nurse can live life to the fullest and at the same time, give richly in return.

Claire from Texas
College Freshman
Tarrant County College