Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Growing up I always said I wanted to to be a doctor, lawyer, or just about anything that makes a lot of money. I always placed a lot of value in money and used materialistic things as a way to measure a person's success or happiness. I always heard that money wasn’t everything, but I didn’t care. My father was a successful businessman and I wanted to be like him. However, I didn’t realize how miserable my father was everyday going to work. Even though he made a lot of money, he said he found no satisfaction and was always stressed out. It wasn't until I broke my arm and had to go to the hospital that I realized what I might have a passion for. While being taken care of I fell in love with the whole aspect of the medical field. Their was so much going on and all the nurses and doctors took such good care of me and made and helped calm me down. After I was out of my cast I shadowed the doctors and nurses that took care of me and saw how they worked and asked questions about what they do. After spending time with them I realized that I didn't care about making a lot of money anymore. I wanted to help people the way these people helped me. I don't want a job like my fathers where I'm stressed to all the time and take no pride in what I'm doing. I want to wake up everyday with a purpose and know that I'm making a difference in peoples lives everyday.

noah from Alaska
High School Senior