Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I was twelve years old when I heard the three worst words a mother can tell their child, "I have cancer." It was in that very that moment, my life, along with my five siblings and father's lives, were changed forever. My mother was a registered nurse working in pediatrics and later in the Alzheimers unit. She was the single most selfless woman I've ever met, always putting her six children and husband first, as well as her patients, and lastly, she took care of herself. I was fifteen years old when I held my mother's hand as she passed away and with tears pouring down my face, it was in that moment that I knew my true calling was to make a difference. My goal in life is to become a pediatric oncology nurse and while going through nursing school now, I have only validated this calling even more.
My mother taught me patience, selflessness, the meaning of family and giving back, how to devote your life to others in need, and most importantly, she taught me love and compassion.
Since my mothers death in 2006, I have had five other family members pass away from cancer and this has only driven me more to be a part of something bigger, and to devote my life to those battling cancer, particularly our most vulnerable and innocent - pediatrics.
My mother has been my number one motivation - her story, her legacy, her life, has taught me to persevere no matter how hard life gets and to most importantly, when you set your mind to something, you go after it with all your heart.
Since the age of fifteen, I have worked diligently to financially put myself through private high school, college, and I am currently working two jobs to put myself through nursing school. I am determined to use my mother's lessons and life as my inspiration to give back to others, and be a part of a team of nurses that gave so much of their love, time, and compassion to my mother during her battle with breast cancer.

Theresa from Illinois
College Sophomore
Chamberlain College of Nursing