Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I have always been surrounded by family members that inspired me to pursue a career in nursing. My mother especially has inspired me to pursue a nursing degree. I see the way that she is with her patients, and not only do I see their lives being changed, but hers as well. Although, it was not until my middle to high school years that really motivated me to reach the goal of attaining a nursing degree. My times spent as volunteers at the local nursing home and mission trips that I had the wonderful opportunity to attend played a big role in my dreams of becoming a nurse. I saw how being a compassionate, caring, and all around humble person can help change the lives of others. I find that the core of nursing is to care for anyone and everyone in need no matter who they are, and I feel like that fits my life style perfectly. I do not ask any questions when it comes to helping someone in need, I just do it. The very fact that I do not see myself doing anything else except pursing a degree in nursing motivates me greatly in achieving that very goal.

Gladys from Texas
College Freshman
Austin Community College