Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

My name is Madelynn Martinez and as you know, I’m applying to this Mometrix Nursing Scholarship. Currently, I’m making my way back to college after a two-year hiatus.
To be honest, nursing was not my first career choice. I wanted a career in healthcare ever since my father passed away. I looked at every other occupation avoiding nursing. I bounced from wanting to be a physical therapist, to a radiologist technician, and an ultrasound technician. How I landed on nursing was all by design. I currently work at a hospital as a Certified Nurse Assistant. I work really closely with nurses and I see all the work they do that they don't tell you in the brochures. It's a job with hidden jobs. As a nurse and CNA, you are taking care of people in their most vulnerable state, and a friendly smile or hug goes a long way. Believe it or not, there are nurses that aren't that friendly or as caring as one might think a nurse should be. I’ve taken care of too many patients to count, but no matter what I’m going through personally, I greet everyone with a smile, make sure that they are comfortable, and always tell them to call if they need me. I’m proud of the work I am currently doing and I know I do it well. Everyone from the nurses to the patients would express how much they think I would make a great nurse. That's the fuel that got my brain thinking about the nursing career more in-depth. What really sold the ticket was a patient that wasn't in the best of shape. I helped them with a personal task, they were so grateful over, what I thought, was a small deal. They told me that they wanted to give up but that this small gesture and my positive attitude sparked a bit of hope for them going forward. And from then on I've been dedicated to nursing. I know nursing school is going to be a super stressful, life-changing course in my life, but I’m willing to go through the emotions it if that means I get to give quality care to everyday people.

Madelynn from Alaska
College Freshman
University of Alaska Anchorage