Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

The biggest motivating factor I have to pursue my nursing degree is my family. I grew up in a home with three siblings and a single mom. I never really thought about college because of our financial situation; I knew we couldn’t afford it. One day in 11th grade my mom asked me what my plans were regarding college. When I told her I had not thought about it and my reasons why she told me that there were other ways to pay for college than just from our family accounts. She encouraged me to pursue whatever I was passionate about.
When I was younger I was in charge of taking care of my brothers, who both had multiple various injuries. I took on this responsibility due to my mom being blood squeamish to the point of incapacity. It was my way of helping relieve some of the pressure on her, and I found I loved doing it. Taking care of people and helping them heal has always been something I enjoyed doing. This history of taking care of my family played a big role in my decision to look into nursing as a career in high school.
When I told my family I was thinking of pursuing nursing they all showed me overwhelming support! My family motivated me to continue researching in even more depth, focusing on what a career in nursing entailed and supported me in my decision to pursue nursing. They have even been a big help in my search for scholarships to pay for my education. They are a great support system. Things aren’t always easy financially at home because it’s just my mom and her four kids, which has added fuel to the fire of my passion for nursing. My family is always super supportive of me and I just hope to be successful enough to help them out.

Jasmine from Pennsylvania
College Junior
Drexel University