Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

After graduation I decided that the passion I had to help others did not go away. I felt alive when I helped others. At this time I came back home to Michigan and decided that I would continue to volunteer at an area hospital. I normally would volunteer when I came home for breaks but now I could put more time into volunteering. I loved the volunteer experience so much that I even went to volunteer on holidays and some Saturdays. While volunteering I got a chance to see so many nurses and medical professionals who were very influential to me deciding on my career choice. After gaining experience volunteering in the NICU, PICU and play centers I applied to work in the field myself. I then went on to apply to be a Dialysis Technician. After applying I got the job!
Getting the job as a Dialysis Technician was something that propelled me even further to want to become a nurse. For the past six years I have learned so much about patient care and how to make sure my patients are properly cared for. I have learned how physiology and nutrition plays a role in the health of diabetic patients and those who have hypertension. I have even learned of the different ways patients can dialyze based on their specific needs. Knowing that I wanted to go to nursing school I took classes that were prerequisites to nursing as well took classes that would be refreshers for me since I graduated in 2010. Recently I got admitted into nursing school fall 2018 and now that I am a nursing student my desire to succeed has increased and I am more excited to be pursuing my dream of becoming a nurse.
In conclusion, my passion for nursing has increased the more and I am grateful that it doesn’t matter what age in your life you decide to follow your dreams as long as you are focused and passionate about what you are pursuing it is possible to achieve. I desire to help my patients in a greater manner dealing with them holistically. As a technician there are limits to my scope of practice however,

Myesha from Michigan
College Sophomore
Henry Ford College