Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

There are approximately 29 million nurses in the world and I would like to be one of the 29 million! When I was little starting at the age of 8 I told myself that I would like to become a nurse, that was my very first decision I decided to make for my future career. Throughout my years in elementary, middle and now high school I have still wanted to be a nurse for my future job. When I was little I never really had reasons why I wanted to become a nurse other than the fact that nurses have an amazing job of taking care of people and that's what I love to do! But now I have reasons why, when I was in the 8th grade My sister Zoe had a baby named Ashton. When she went into labor I stuck with her the whole time except when it was time to deliver the baby. She had Ashton the next morning and a few nurses came in to check on her and the baby. I got really inspired right then and there to become a nurse. Seeing what they had to do, like wash the baby, teach the moms how to breast feed or bottle feed, and take them back to do medical things just for the baby. This doesn't include the amazing things they do for the mothers. Once I saw all of these things and more it inspired me to really pursue my dream in becoming a nurse. Then in 2018 my sister had another baby named Nolan and I stuck with her the same way I did when she was about to have Ashton her first baby. After she gave birth to Nolan I was able to go into the delivery room while the nurses took Nolan to weight him, get his hight, and get his finger and foot prints. I was lucky enough to be able to be in the room when they were doing all of it. The whole time I was focused on how and what the nurses were doing. It all really fascinated me. Because I was so fascinated in this I figured out that it was time to really pursue becoming a nurse. They have the opportunities to do absolutely amazing things everyday. They have the opportunity to save someones life and or just have an amazing impact on that one patients life!

Micala from Kentucky
High School Senior
Eastern High School