Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

My passion is helping people, especially those who are in need. I am currently an active member in my church, where I participate in a number of community outreach events to help underserved people in my area. For example, we collect and distribute coats during the winter months and host an event known as HOPE Day, during which we offer services such as haircuts, games for the children, a booth with health insurance information, and giving away bags of groceries. This event is held each year during the summer to provide necessary resources to the community.

I am pursuing my passion by applying to nursing school because I believe nursing is the path that will enable me to touch the lives of many people in need. I want to follow my passion to serve others by becoming a nurse so that I can help increase access to healthcare in remote areas. In 2015, I took a trip to my parents’ homeland of Guyana, where I witnessed a shortage of healthcare providers, resources, and medicine. Since then, I have been inspired to become a travel nurse, in the United States and abroad. My dream college is the University of Rochester’s School of Nursing because of their clinical immersive experiences in med-surg, obstetrics, psychiatry, and pediatrics will thoroughly prepare me to become a successful travel nurse.

Both of my parents migrated to the United States before I was born to ensure that I had the opportunities they lacked while growing up. Watching my parents work hard and make countless sacrifices, so that I could have everything I need, has shaped me into a hard-working and compassionate individual. I was taught to treat people with respect and kindness because one can never know what others are facing. My dad is unemployed, and my family is doing our best to make ends meet. I am the first in my family to attend college, which is an opportunity that would lead to a rewarding career helping other people and making my parents proud.

Emily from New York
College Junior
University of Rochester