Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

My name is Aaron Boykin and I am a current nursing student at Resurrection University in Chicago, IL. I want to become a nurse. I have always been interested in healthcare and I am committed to holistic care. I do not care about a person’s race, beliefs, age, gender, orientation, or social class, for we are all one family, and it is important that we look after one another. I believe my gift to the world is my compassion, understanding, and commitment to improving the health and the livelihood of an individual, as well as, my family and my community. It is disheartening to witness health disparities in our communities, and I want to work toward reducing barriers and work towards establishing initiatives to make access to healthcare easier for all. I am an ambitious and determined nursing student with an appetite to seek greatness and the ability to improve the livelihood of myself and family. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel; however, I have stumbled across a few roadblocks in my path. I refuse to allow these obstacles to stand in my way and I am humbled to ask for assistance, however, I can. I am the single income bearer of a household of seven, and I am striving to complete my degree to provide a better life for my children. I currently work part-time in a hospital as a PCT and ER tech, and every day I do work, I apply what I have learned in school and in training to practice. I love nursing and I am committed to improving the livelihood of even those who are less fortunate than myself. The acquisition of a BSN is not about me, but what I can do with it. I love helping people. The sensation of seeing smiles on people’s faces or hearing of those who heed after receiving advice or instruction from me gives my life purpose. I love to be involved in healthcare because it is always evolving. There is always something new to be discovered, and always new opportunities to improve someone’s livelihood. I want to be a part of that action.

Aaron from Illinois
College Junior
Resurrection University