Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Today I have an opportunity to change someone’s life. I am a Venezuelan woman who believes the time to help someone else is always now. Living in poverty in Venezuela and rural sections of the Dominican Republic, migrating to the United States and struggling to find my way as a Latin child living in a transit family, all have had profound impacts on my goals. I am committed to continuing my education and dedicating my professional career to the wellness and health of underserved children and families. My commitment stems from my own family roots as well as my schooling in the United States. From a professional standpoint I am interested in leveraging my personal experience, education, and skillsets to create sustained health opportunities and policies for marginalized or at-risk communities. As a current pre-nursing student at North Carolina Central University, I was asked what I plan to do after I graduate? It is with great ease that I stated my intent is to complete my BSN with a focus on Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing and then pursue my Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DPN) and become the systems level leader I believe I can be, to ensure we are delivering proper healthcare to all of our kids and our families. My goals and aspirations to pursuing my DPN are to ensure that I and the students around me undergo the transformations into health leaders with the skills, expertise, and credentials necessary to (1) obtain a systems level management position and move into senior leadership roles where we can create and lead an engaged army of change agents (2) leverage our experience and position to create and sustain health opportunities for economically and socially-disadvantaged families in our most disadvantaged urban neighborhoods. Receiving my bachelor’s degree in Nursing and eventually my DPN are the next steps in achieving my goals of being significant and ensuring all families have the opportunity to be successful to become the change I hope to see in the world.

Catherine from North Carolina
College Freshman
North Carolina Central University