Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I was inspired to pursue a degree in nursing when my cousin, Christina was devastatingly struck by a vehicle in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in October 2008. She sustained injuries that were critical and had to be flown to a hospital downstate for treatment. When I visited her in the hospital the care the nurses provided were phenomenal. They worked together as a team to do everything they could to provide her with the best care while attempting to save her life. Unfortunately, the injuries she sustained left her without brain activity.
My aunt and uncle were devastated and could barely speak or think about the situation they were in, nevertheless have to discuss and make a decision on the next action to take. During this most difficult time, it was the nurses who comforted my family. It was the nurses who showed such compassion, patience, and comfort while my family was going through the most difficult time of their life. Discussions of donating to the Gift of Life had to occur, but the nurses gave my family time to process everything that had happened before confronting us with the fact that a decision had to be made. When my family decided to donate my cousin’s body to the Gift of Life, it was the nurses who assisted with the paperwork and help organize the donation. My family will forever remember the care provided by those outstanding people.
Seeing how the nurses cared for my family in this situation inspired me because I knew that I shared the same qualities needed to provide this level of compassion to other families in their time of need. It wasn’t long after this experience that went to school for nursing to pursue a career within this field. Since becoming a nurse, I have provided exceptional patient care to others and wish to pass this level of compassion onto others. I am seeking a scholarship to achieve my goal of obtaining a Master’s Degree in Nursing Education to be able to pass these essential traits onto future nurses.

Antoinette from Michigan
College Junior
Walden University